How To Thank Your Customers Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the latest and greatest methods of advertising for business of many kinds. If it is done correctly, it can really increase the traffic to a website or number of customers to a store. Use the following tips to help you incorporate mobile marketing into your marketing plan.
Make your messages relevant. This is the most important aspect of mobile marketing. A text message can be very personal and it interrupts someone no matter what they are in the middle of doing. Avoid re-purposing an e-mail. Your text message should be short and very relevant to the audience whom you are sending them out to.

Offer special discounts or value to your mobile marketing customers. Because mobile followers usually require customers to elect to receive information, make it worthwhile for them to enroll. By offering greater discounts or better offers than those available through your web site or print marketing, you can increase the number of customers enrolled in your mobile program.

Be short and concise with your SMS messages for your mobile marketing campaign. Messages are limited to 160 characters, so put some thought into how to convey your information clearly yet briefly. If you use abbreviations in your messages, make sure they are commonly accepted and make sense to your customers.

Make sure your advertisements work for all types of mobile devices. If your programming is only accessible by one type, like an Android, you will lose out on entire populations of prospective clients from other platforms. Using cross-platform programming is the best method to attract the most customers to your business.

Get a location. Using a defined location on your media and mobile marketing actually interests a lot of customers. They like knowing where a business is, should they ever choose to visit that area. Take advantage of this by informing your customers of your actual location, and watch their interest grow.

Decide now whether you’re going to use QR or 2D codes in your mobile campaign. Your audience may not understand how to leverage certain technology out there, so you need to ensure that you’re going with something current, popular and people-friendly. You’re marketing to basic folks; not everyone will be tech-savvy.

Your natural inclination may be to send out unsolicited messages with your new mobile marketing campaign, but spamming people is never the way to go in any campaign. It is a huge turn-off and can possibly leave a permanent stain on your reputation and cause you to lose regular customers.

Enlist the help of friends and family to try out the effectiveness of intended advertising campaigns, mailings, websites and more. To get a truly unbiased opinion, you could pay an outside firm to test out your campaign.

Take the tips that you have learned through this article and apply them to your marketing plan. Your business is sure to benefit from the time and the energy that you put into your mobile marketing campaign. Keep with your plan and you are sure to see the results you seek.

3 eCommerce Challenges & Solutions for Tough Times

How to Start Selling Online More Effectively
To call these “tough times” may be a bit of an understatement to you, or perhaps you’ve pivoted your marketing strategy nicely and aren’t negatively affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

There’s no arguing this pandemic has led to increased internet traffic as people work, socialize, and entertain themselves online.

Distributel, a company that buys wholesale access to Rogers Communications Inc.’s internet backbone, has seen a traffic increase of about 50%, according to this article.

But an increase in internet usage doesn’t necessarily translate into increased sales for your small business.

Many consumers are hesitant to buy, either because they aren’t sure when they’ll be able to use the service you sell, or because they’ve been laid off or have had their hours reduced.

That’s why I’m sharing 3 eCommerce challenges and solutions to help you maintain and even grow as an entrepreneur during this crisis.

The Challenge: Making Your (eCommerce) Business Essential Many entrepreneurs are panicking because they don’t have a traditional eCommerce business model, or an eCommerce website.

And, many worry they don’t have an “essential” enough product or service to offer online, like grocery stores do. (According to Apptopia, downloads of Instacart, the Walmart Grocery app and Shipt have increased 218%, 160%, and 124% compared with a year ago.)

Okay, so chances are you don’t sell groceries. But you can still be essential to your customers.

Are there certain products or services you can focus on that will better serve your target audience? For example:

? If you have a clothing store: fabric face masks, casual outfits for working from home ? If you offer financial, life, or other counseling services: 30- or 60-minute mental health sessions; many people are feeling lonely and isolated because of COVID-19 ? If you sell entertainment-related items: create short videos highlighting games, crafts, or puzzles that will be fun for bored kids or adults

While it’s not possible for every small business to pivot this way, the reality is that if you don’t adjust to this “new normal” as much as possible, your small business will suffer.

Changing your marketing strategy can be tough, but it’s amazing how a bit of creative thinking can transform your situation and increase your web presence.

The Challenge: More Customer Questions & Complaints While having a phone number on your website and in your Google My Business results may have been enough pre-pandemic, your customers need your support now more than ever.

More people online means an increased number of questions, comments and complaints could be coming your way.

I’m sure you’ve been incredibly frustrated at one point after being put on hold for ages, or not getting an email back when you inquired about something. Don’t let your customers have a similar experience on your website.

If you don’t have the capacity to manage customer service, consider implementing a chatbot to increase your web presence. A chatbot allows business owners to provide responses and solutions—and even generate leads and sales—24/7 through automated customer service live chat.

According to IBM, up to 80% of routine customer service questions could be answered by a chatbot. While not every query can be tackled by a chatbot, it could take on the easier, yet still time-consuming, questions your customers might have. Learn more about chatbots here.

The Challenge: Website Tech Issues Let’s say you already have an eCommerce site for your small business. If you have a broken link, 404 page or slow loading times, your visitors will go elsewhere. (This is true all the time, not just during COVID-19).

Even a clever 404 page can’t save you from losing visitors (and potentially sales).

Also, you’re not going to build trust among your audience with a poor user experience. Nobody is going to enter their contact or credit card info if they don’t trust your website.

Not to mention, an unkempt website is a target for hackers.

Remember: You’re not only responsible for protecting your own data, but also for your visitors’. Security requirements are always changing, and no small or large business is safe.

That’s why it’s essential to monitor for glitches, update your software and back up your site regularly for an optimal user experience.

Now, what if you have to start selling online in response to COVID-19? While there are sites out there that let you start an eCommerce website yourself, remember that your website is your number one marketing tool.

From calls to action to the font type and images on your pages, how you present your small business to the world makes a big difference to how you’re perceived.

Also, you’re not going to have the same customization options if you go the DIY route.

A professional web development company will understand not only the technical aspects of the build, but also the best ways to get your message across to your target audience.

READ: 17 Strategic Business Pivots to Make in the Time of COVID-19, on our website. Just like that we woke up in a different world! The coronavirus epidemic has completely changed our lives and transformed the way we do business.

For many, this can be an incredibly frightening time to be a business owner. You worry about the health of your employees and the business, the bills that keep coming, your income and family obligations.

But rather than let worries overwhelm them, smart small business owners can use this opportunity to plan and prepare for future growth and success. We’ve created a COVID-19 checklist to help you make the most of this uncertain time.

Whether you have to start an eCommerce website from scratch or adjust your existing marketing strategy to increase your web presence, now is not the time to sit back and wait for the pandemic to blow over.

Right now, your target audience is “living” online, so you’re going to have to tackle eCommerce business challenges as quickly and smoothly as possible. Be proactive, pivot your marketing strategy, and learn from this journey!

To Your Business Success Susan

Why Using Irrevelant Images May Increase Ad Performance

Lately I’ve been seeing an interesting trend.

Whenever I scroll through my feed on Facebook, I’ve been noticing something different about the ads I’m seeing, specifically the images.

For examples:

There was a lead generation strategy ad that popped up in my feed and the image was simply an overlay of lemons.

There were plenty of ads I saw that used memes as images.

More recently, I’ve seen pictures of attractive-looking couples just posing at a beach or something.

And the one thing all these have in common?

They all have nothing to do with what they’re promoting.

Ok, yes that is true. But it’s not the answer I’m thinking of.

What’s the other one thing?

They’re eye-catching.

Not only do they stand out from the posts from your friends and the groups you’re in, but they stand out from their competing ads as well.

But does it really matter if the image has nothing to do with the promotion itself?

In these cases, no.

These businesses simply used unexpected images to grab their target audience’s attention, then let their ad copy and landing page do all the heavy work.

Now this concept can be applied to emails too.

In a world where people’s inboxes are flooded with spam and aggressive big business promotional emails, how are you supposed to flag down your reader’s attention with your emails?

The answer:

Be different…Mind-blowing, I know.

Send your reader emails that interrupt their mundane routine of them receiving blatant sales emails and ignoring them, even trashing them.

If they’re constantly getting emails with the subject lines that way, “% OFF” or “SALE,” then simply don’t use those words in your own subject lines.

If the emails they’re getting are full of graphics and color, try using plain text.

I’m not saying you have to do those, but the point is to break the pattern.

And a lot of the email copywriting information I teach in “How to Become an Email Titan” will help you become the pattern breaker of your reader’s inbox.

You can get the sample chapters of the $20 retail value book using the link below.

Crypto Genius Software: Unraveling the Future of Trading


Introduction to Crypto Genius

Crypto Genius stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of cryptocurrency trading. At its core lies a powerful software designed to empower traders with cutting-edge tools and insights. In this article, we explore the transformative potential of Crypto Genius software and how it’s shaping the future of trading.

The Power of Intelligent Algorithms

At the heart of Crypto Genius software are intelligent algorithms that have been meticulously crafted by a team of experts. These algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, identifying patterns and trends that would be impossible for a human trader to discern. This gives Crypto Genius users a powerful edge in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Seamless and User-Friendly Interface

Despite its complex algorithms, Crypto Genius prides itself on an interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. Traders, regardless of their level of expertise, can navigate the platform with ease. This accessibility ensures that the power of Crypto Genius is not limited to seasoned professionals but can be harnessed by traders at all levels.

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions

One of the key advantages of Crypto Genius software is its ability to provide real-time insights. As the cryptocurrency market is highly dynamic, having access to up-to-the-minute information is crucial. Crypto Genius ensures that traders are always equipped with the latest data and analyses, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Risk Mitigation and Portfolio Diversification

Crypto Genius goes beyond just providing trading signals. It also offers tools for risk management and portfolio diversification. This means that users can implement strategies to minimize potential losses and spread their investments across a range of assets. This comprehensive approach to trading sets Crypto Genius apart.

Security and Transparency

Security is paramount in the world of cryptocurrency, and Crypto Genius understands this. The platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to safeguard user data and funds. Additionally, it maintains a high level of transparency, providing users with clear information about how the software operates and makes its trading decisions.

Conclusion: Empowering Traders with Crypto Genius Software

Crypto Genius software represents a significant leap forward in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Its intelligent algorithms, user-friendly interface, real-time insights, and comprehensive approach to risk management make it a powerful tool for both novice and experienced traders. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Crypto Genius is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping its future.